What I've learned from weddings

I love weddings. Like an episode of Glee, they make me laugh, cry, dance, eat, etc. What’s not to like?

I’ve learned..

1. That not all bridesmaid dresses are awful. Infact, most are super cute and those who are lucky enough to be someone’s bridesmaid should be grateful.

2. That the time of the wedding dictates the dress code. Ditto for the environment. A 2 p.m. beach wedding calls for a way different dress than a 7 p.m. church wedding.

3. That wedding dresses are literally the most beautiful pieces of clothing made. Even the kind of ugly ones are amazing in their own right.

4. That watching the groom’s face as his bride walks down the aisle really is very sweet. Thank you 27 Dresses for pointing that one out.

5. That the little cocktail hour between the ceremoney and reception is totally underrated. It’s basically the reception without the speeches and dances that make you cry.

6. That going to a wedding alone is not a good idea. Infact, it’s kind of a terrible idea. Even if you’re single, find a friend to go with. Being the “single” person at the table takes a little while to get over.

7. Open bars > Cash bars. True story.

8. That watching the bride dance with her father can bring a tear to anybody’s eye. At least anybody with a heart.

9. That the only way to get people to stop crying is to play “Shout”. Then sit back and watch the old (older/elderly) people dance.

10. That watching old (older/elderly) people dance is so entertaining, they should make it a show on Bravo.

11. That Christian/Catholic/Any-church-related ceremonies are the best. But Indian receptions rule all. Don’t even fight me on this one.

12. That if you’re looking around and you can’t seem to find the bride she’s either at the bar or in the bathroom trying to get away from the hundreds of people hugging her and telling her she looks beautiful.

13. That no matter how annoyed she might seem, do continue to tell her she’s beautiful. I mean, they spend so much money on those dresses, they best be racking up the compliments. And again, if you can’t find her she’s at the bar or in the bathroom. You’re welcome.

14. That only people who have been married know just how much work goes into one. So next time you’re at a beautiful wedding take a moment to appreciate the color of the tablecloth, because it probably took a week to decide.


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