What I've learned from Sex and the City

It’s sick how much this show has influenced my life. I don’t know if I’ve admitted this to a lot of people, but Samantha is about 50% of the reason why I wanted to do Public Relations. I totally stand by my decision to this day.

I’ve learned…

From Carrie:

1. That it is okay to spend all your money on shoes. Because shoes are fabulous and an amazing pair can make you feel beautiful. A new pair can also serve as a reason to go out.

2. That apparently bras are uneccessary in New York. Seriously, Carrie?!

3. That if you’re caught in the rain and find yourself under an awning with an adorable stranger, don’t start talking about french movies. More importantly, don’t say the word marriage. Adorable stranger would rather walk in the pouring rain than spend one more second with you.

4. That the handsome man you run into on the street who picks up your fallen condoms for you may just be the guy you marry 10 years later. Have faith ladies!

5. That the love of your life is probably going to break your heart at some point. You will probably still end up marrying him.

6. That if you’re single, a great city can serve as your date.

From Miranda:

1. That bartenders make for really good one-night stands. And husbands. Except when they cheat on you that one time, but you should take them back because they’re reallllllly sorry.

2. That a man with one testicle and a woman with a lazy ovary can indeed make a baby. A cute red-headed one at that.

3. That prentending to be a lesbian in order to be invited to your boss’s house for dinner will probably backfire on you.

4. That sometimes you have to give up something you love for someone you love. Even if that means leaving your favorite city and moving to Brooklyn.

From Samantha:

1. That even though she was technically a whore, Samantha knew what she was doing and was entirely happy doing it (literally). I admire her for that.

2. That the hot server guy could be the next “big thing”. Always be aware.

3. That size does matter. Sorry, her and James were never going to work.

4. That falling in love with a cheating bastard will always lead to trouble. Again and again. Always trouble.

5. That the only way to deal with a possibly life-threatening disease is by accepting that you need help from your friends and boyfriend. Fun wigs might help too.

From Charlotte:

1. That even though everybody made fun of Charlotte for her fairy-tale dreams, she stuck it out and got what she wanted. Take that cynics!

2. That being the eternal optimist is exhausting.

3. That the kindachubbyawkwardbald guy might just be the man of your dreams. Love is love. What are you gonna do?

4. That you have to let go and admit that nobody has the perfect life, so there is no reason to freak out when something doesn’t go your way.

5. That even if you don’t agree with what your friends are doing (say for instance, having an affair with a married ex-boyfriend) it’s important to stay by their side. They probably need you the most at that time in their life.

What you’ve learned from Sex and the City:

1. According to Samantha, any “massager” can be a vibrator if you mount it. (Heather)

2. If you don’t have a car, you can justify spending $400 on shoes. (Jenn)

3. That all women will dress up like they’re going to get drinks with friends when going to see these movies. (Jimmy)

4. “That I haven’t met my Big yet” (Jess)


One response to “What I've learned from Sex and the City

  1. that surrounding yourself with true blue friends is just as or more important than finding prince charming…

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