What I learned from watching my first full World Cup game

I never played the game. I didn’t grow up watching it. So did I jump on this bandwagon? Read on my friends…

1. Those horns are annoying. I’m not quite sure how the players can even concentrate with that awful sound.

2. Soccer fields are huuuuge. I mean, damn that’s a lot of green!

3. That there should be cheerleaders. I feel like they would help to make the time pass by.

4. Nobody seems to care if a player gets hurt. Infact they seem to just run to the other side of the field and continue with the game. I mean, I’m sure someone was there to help them up, but I never saw it.

5-10. Nothing. This might be because I stopped watching for a good 25 minutes. Whoops. When I came back, the score was still 1-1. Whew.

11. The reason why you won’t see many Indians playing the game: It involves way more running than we care to partake in. Also, if a ball in involved we prefer to not touch it. We like raquets (tennis) and flat bat-thingys (cricket).

12. It would be impossible to be a fat soccer player. So. Much. Running.

13. Robert Green will probably go hide in his room for a few days, dye his hair and change his phone number. Poor guy.

14. I don’t think this is a bandwagon I can jump on. Sorry friends, I tried! I’ll just continue to support USA while doing other things. Hope nobody minds.

15. I can’t wait for Wimbeldon. And no, before you ask, I have no idea how I can sit through tennis but not soccer. It is what it is.

16. That even with all my shit-talking, I’d like to marry a soccer player. Preferably this one:

Yes please!

P.S. Go USA!

P.P.S. Here’s a questions that hasn’t been answered: Do the goalies get bored during the game? Most of the time they just kinda watch while all the action happens on the other side, or in the middle. If anybody has the answer to this, please enlighten me 🙂


One response to “What I learned from watching my first full World Cup game

  1. I love Carlos Bocanegra! You have good taste 🙂

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