What I've learned from my Dad


I know this is totally cliche, but what kind of daughter would I be if I didn’t dedicate a post to my dad?

I’ve learned…

1. Pre-Algebra

2. Algebra

3. Pre-Calculus

4. Geometry

5. Accounting

6. Okay, let’s face it: I’d be completely number retarded if it wasn’t for my dad.

7. That even if I don’t want to have anything to do with the above subjects I still have to do well with them. I’m not sure why just yet, but I’m sure he’s right.

8. How to open a wine bottle. Obviously a super important life lesson.

9. How to make ridiculously delicious chili.

10. Patience. He puts up with me and my mom. The man is patient.

11. That being “daddy’s little girl” doesn’t always equate to being materially spoiled. I’ve done a lot on my own thankyouverymuch and I started working when I was 16, but I’m totally spoiled in other ways 🙂

12. That there is no reason to hire anybody else to do work that you can technically do yourself. Installing hardwood floors? Do it when your son is in town and knock it out in three days! Need to paint a wall that’s forever tall? Just buy a longer handle for your brush. Duh!

13. That good things do happen to people who deserve it. Shitty things happen too, but in the end it will turn good again.

14. That we need to start rotating who takes pictures in our family. It is impossible to find one of him because he’s always taking them!

15. Speaking of pictures, if you don’t capture the “moment” right away it’s okay to make your kids hug each other eight times until you get the perfect picture. Lucky for him, my brother and I don’t mind hugging.

16. That the only man a girl can always trust and count on is her dad. Sigh.

Love you dad!


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