What I've learned from the whole LeBron debacle

Guess modeling isn't really his thing. (Source)

At first I wasn’t really into this whole story. Personally, I like LeBron James. I don’t care what others say, he’s a talented guy and he’s fun to watch. The fact that he’s from Ohio (where I was born and lived for half my life) just makes it all that much better. I’m a psuedo Cavs fan because both my brothers are, and I like to support their team when I can (meaning as long as they’re not playing the Spurs, I’m all about the Cavs). But here’s the thing: I have spent all day wanting to punch people in the face for being so ridiculous about the whole situation. Read on for a few of my views on all the crazy.

1. People need to cut back on the haterade. Cavs fans hate him because he left. Heat fans will hate him if they don’t get a championship soon. And the rest of the world hates him for having a Primetime special focused on “The Decision”. They probably hate him because of those quotation marks too.

2. It’s easy to forget that his career his to play basketball and win, not to be our hero. I’m pretty sure when he was growing up he dreams consisted of winning championships. He probably didn’t aspire to be the “guy with a ton of talent who stays with one team because he’s loyal and didn’t want to disappoint anybody.”We all aspire to be the best at what we do. I can guarantee you that I will not stay with the first company that hires me out of college if I am given an opportunity to further myself and my career. I realize comparing my little future public relations career to his multi-millionaire basketball one is ridiculous. But if you take it down to the basics, it’s the same. We all want the credit we deserve, and most of all, we want to be recognized for it. In my case, I’ll take a raise and an important title. For James, a championship ring will do.

3. Everybody needs to take a crash course in the meaning of the word “selfish”. Fine, LeBron is selfish for leaving Cleveland because he wanted to be on a team that he thought cold help him get a championship ring. But at least acknowledge that, as fans, it’s being selfish to want him to stay even though deep, deep down everybody knows that if seven years wasn’t enough to get that ring, it probably wasn’t going to happen. He’s actually realized that he’s not so great he can win on his own. He needs other talents like him to make it to the top. He’s taking less money and, inevitably, less fame now to get there. Right, totally selfish.

4. It’s probably the way he revealed his decision that has caused the most anger. But can we all agree that the one hour primetime special probably wasn’t his idea? I highly highly doubt he went up to his agent and said “Listen, I’ll tell the country my decision but it has to be on primetime TV.” Obviously, he went along with it, but that’s a whole other story. The reason why they do these over-the-top shows is because we watch them. And then we update our Facebook statuses about it. Then we move onto Twitter. Eventually we blog about it. And then, lastly, we spend a week reading articles and other blogs about it. They feed it to us because we’re hungry for it.

5. Being bitter isn’t going to do any good. Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert, unleashed his anger and hurt through a letter on the Cavs’ website. I get that he’s angry. He spent years spoiling James, giving him everything he wanted, all in hopes that James would deliver and bring that victory home. The problem was that James needed more than money to win. He needed a good, solid team to back him up. Nobody can say he didn’t try, but if your team is relying on ONE person to do everything for them then you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment. At one point in the letter he promises Cavs fans that his team will win a championship before James does. You know what? I hope they do. But they should win because they deserve it, NOT to get back at the “King.”

6. Being a sports fan is heartbreaking. You spend countless hours watching games, with a 50% chance of disappointment. Your money goes into season tickets, jerseys, etc. When your team loses, you want to crawl into bed and die. But when they win? It’s an amazing feeling, and it’s what keeps us coming back. Cavs fans will move on. If they’re true fans, that means they were there before Lebron James was signed, and they should be there after.


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