What I've learned from Facebook statuses

My Facebook friends are some crazy ass people.* Especially my homegirl and my sassy friend.

1. Apparently the chorus of the most popular song of the moment is EXACTLY what people are feeling at EXACTLY the same time. P.S. Airplanes aren’t shooting stars, so stop wishing.

2. It’s hot/cold/rainy/windy/whatever outside. Thanks guys, it’s not like I ever leave my apartment or anything.

3. My friends who work at Starbucks really don’t enjoy working for Starbucks. Especially when a certain somejuan is around. (ha!)

4. Finals are in December and May and midterms are roughly six weeks before that. Summer classes suck all around. This information would be awesome if I didn’t have my own syllabus.


6. Now “you’re” hungover. And it sucks. Thank the lord for tacos and Gatorade, huh?

7. I have really emo friends.

8. Sometimes my friends love their boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend/mom/dog/professor/that guy they met on the bus/their landlord/etc.

9. Sometimes my friends hate their boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend/mom/dog/professor/that guy they met on the bus/their landlord/etc.

10. About 25% of my high school is getting married or is already married! And I can’t get a date! The latter isn’t on the status, just thought I’d throw that one in there.

11. That crazy drunk girl who sent that text on http://www.textsfromlastnight.com? Totally could have been that girl from my group in that one class two years ago. Because she is “JUST LIKE HER.” Yes, please continue being proud of this.

12. Everybody thinks their pet is the best. Um, actually mine is.

13. “You” are going to school, then work, then the gym, then “you” are going to relax for a little bit before doing your homework, THEN “you” are going to shower and go to sleep.

14. Oh wait, I forgot! “You” are going to eat and scratch “you’re” butt sometime today too.

*I’m a crazy ass person too. Obviously I’m guilty of half of these. Yay Facebook!


2 responses to “What I've learned from Facebook statuses

  1. Facebook statuses also are the way to tell a) what day it is (especially if it’s Monday or Friday), b) who thinks they’re right with the Lord, c) who wants you to get right with the Lord, and d) who’s been spending wayyy too much time on YouTube.

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