The Vegan Diaries: First test

Most retail stores are the same in that if they have a super busy day ahead of them (Black Friday, the day after Christmas, Tax-Free Weekend, etc) managers will usually provide food for their employees. Today was the first day of our semi-annual sale, which for my store is busier than any holiday shopping.

People don’t joke around when it comes to bras and panties.

Our break table was covered with bags  of chips. The chips were hiding boxes of cookies. Then cookies were next to a gigantic economy sized bag of candy. And instead of chairs we had huge boxes of Diet Coke and Sprite. I think I saw a bottle of water somewhere behind the donuts, but I could be wrong.

Oh did I forget to mention the donuts one of my fellow cashiers brought in? Well consider them mentioned.

Then they ordered pizza for us.

So there it was. My first real “can she really do the vegan thing all month” test. My life is so hard.

I’d (kind of) love to have some sort of ridiculous story for you that involved me breaking down and attacking a fellow employee for just one sniff of greasy cheese and pepperoni.

Alas, that story will have to come another day (perhaps when I’ve been “vegan” for longer than four days?).

To tell you the truth, staying away from the cheese-laden pie wasn’t too hard. Watching my Dad enjoy a delicious looking meat and cheese filled sandwich was a lot worse. But it was weird. Watching everybody else laugh and shove food into their mouth while I played with my phone and ignored the slight hunger pains wasn’t exactly the way I would have liked to spend my break.

It wasn’t just the pizza. It was the fact that our break room table looked like a vending machine threw up on it. Yes, the vegan thing is a month-long challenge, but that doesn’t mean I want to eat crappy vegan foods instead of crappy non-vegan foods.

I hope I don’t sound upset about this, because I’m not. I think it’s extremely nice that our managers do this for us and I know everybody enjoyed it. After being yelled at because a bra rang up for $19.99 instead of $18.99 you learn to appreciate the small stuff.

Especially small stuff that can’t yell at you. Food tends to not yell.

What sucked was that today was the first day that it felt like a diet. I know what a diet feels like, I’ve been on and off of them for the better part of my life and know the lack of fun involved. But this veganism isn’t about my weight. For the first time, I chose to do something  not because of my weight, but rather because I just wanted to see if I could do it. To tell you the truth, I hope I don’t lose any weight this month, because I know I’ll just gain it back when I eat my first piece of chicken. I really don’t need any more reason to throw things at my scale.

I can eat meat and dairy and lose weight. I was doing it before this month and I’ll do it after this month. But I hate that I suddenly feel like the big girl at the table who doesn’t want to eat because she’s afraid her prom dress won’t fit (yay high school?).

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the “why aren’t you eating?” questions. Ugh, I hate those. Like really, does everybody have to eat pizza whenever it’s sitting right in front of them? Sometimes I like to practice self-control for fun! Like when I spend hours in Target and don’t buy anything. Or when I eat seven cookies instead of 10.

Kidding. I know how to only eat five cookies at a time. I think they call that willpower?

Speaking of sugar, I considered having a donut because I’m pretty sure they are vegan. Plus I asked/tweeted “Um, are donuts vegan?” and got a go ahead from my buddy. Man, I love Twitter.

I also love donuts. Guess I’m not really adding anything to my “I can lose weight” argument, huh?

Well don’t worry, I didn’t have one. I just couldn’t justify a donut as a “healthy” lunch.

That, my friends, is what I call willpower. Now if I could just find someone to work out with me/ kick my ass into shape.

I’ve already sent the request out to Twitter.



2 responses to “The Vegan Diaries: First test

  1. Oh Mansee. If you do stick this out for a whole month I don’t know if you’ll be able to go back…

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