The Vegan Diaries: Coffee, gummy bears and boys.

We’re a little over two weeks in and I haven’t ended up on the floor in front of my fridge in the fetal position. Yet.

I’m such a winner.

When we first talked about this little challenge, my mom and I made sure that alcohol would be allowed. Not because we were alcoholics, but because not eating meat or dairy could turn us into alcoholics. Also we basically subsisted off of cookies and margaritas all of December and were only willing to give up one.

Luckily it is allowed and luckily we haven’t yet turned to the dark side. Just the sweet, white wine side. As much as I love a random night out with friends drinking vodka tonics until I can’t feel my lips, I really love having a glass of wine with a meal. Sadly, most of the vegan meals we’ve had don’t really seem to “go” with wine. Odd. This of course means nothing because I had a glass while eating gummy bears the other day. But we haven’t been drinking as much as we seemed to think we would. Win.

Also? Gummy bears are not safe in my presence. I need candy rehab.

Another also? I went to the movies today and brought a bunch of candy for my friend and I. But he didn’t eat any (lame) and now I’m stuck with like five pounds of sugar in my purse (not lame, not healthy). He knows who he is, and he better know I’m blaming him if I fall into a sugar coma anytime soon.

Anywho, we did make a major discovery that has changed things. Coffee creamers have no dairy in them! I don’t care to know what exactly is in them (and by that I mean I don’t want to know what those big words in the ingredient list mean), all I know is that I never want to see soy creamer again. No thanks.

Another thing I’ve discovered? Lacking a social life has made this month so much easier. My parents, of course, are little party animals so it’s been a little more difficult for mom. I don’t know if you’ve ever attended an Indian party, but it centers around food. Even if it’s a bridge club party, it is all about the food. Luckily, Indian food is full of vegetables and spices and not as much cream and butter. However there have been a few times when she’s succumbed to some desserts, and frankly, I don’t blame her. We made a pact that we wouldn’t get down on ourselves if we “cheated” a little throughout the month and we’ve stuck to that.

And yes, my parents are part of a bridge club. I think it’s hilarious.

Almost as hilarious as me being home alone last Saturday night baking vegan cookies while my parents went to a party.

I’d appreciate it if you focused more on the “baked vegan cookies” part of the sentence and less on the “home alone on a Saturday” part. Thanks.

On that note, I’m going to go watch my boyfriend do his thing on the tennis court.

He got bumped from husband to boyfriend when he went and found himself a supermodel wife. Jerk.

My new husband lost in the first round. But it doesn’t matter, I love him anyway.

When I do finally meet this man of my dreams will somebody remind me to delete this post? I don’t want to seem like a crazy fan-girl who falls for people she doesn’t actually know if real life. Because, that’s not me.

Seriously, I’m totally cool.


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