I need my own driver

The first time I got my drivers license renewed I was 18 (duh) and almost missed a plane to New York.

My parents had been telling me for weeks before my birthday to go renew it and like the annoying teenage girl I was, I refused to listen. Apparently I was too busy planning my marriage to Andy Roddick to realize I needed to get my crap together and listen to them.

So my 18th birthday came and went and I was still driving around with an expired license. I’m a horrible example to children everywhere. Finally, the morning I was suppose to leave for New York City on a Yearbook/Newspaper trip I realized I would need that stupid license to get on the plane.


So while my parents shook their heads at me I went super early in the morning to get it done. It was stupid and I had to haul ass to make it to the airport on time.

Don’t worry, I still made it to New York. My Yearbook advisor would have had my head if I hadn’t. The trip was fantastic.

Anyway, that was back in 2005. I wouldn’t need to renew again until 2011, which I was convinced was never going to happen. I don’t know if I thought we were all going to be flying instead of driving, or if I had a dream that the world would end. All I know is that I honestly never thought I’d have to renew my license again. The idea of 2011 was too far away for my high school brain to understand. Silly, I know.

Spoiler alert: 2011 happened. My birthday is tomorrow. I needed to renew my license today. Ugh.

I got up all early today, did my hair (!) and put makeup on. I didn’t want to look like this guy:


Decided on my trusty ol’ Colossal today because I knew this picture would stay with me for a long time, and I didn’t want to suffer from mascara regret. Nobody should ever suffer from mascara regret.

Obviously, I got totally confused and forgot where the DMV was. Luckily Austin is full of turnarounds for idiots like me, so I made it there. Although it took me like 40 minutes when it should have taken only 15. Siiiiigh.

To make a long story short they wouldn’t let me renew my license because they needed my social security card (which I did not have with me) so I drove all the way home to get it (did not find it), then spent 30 minutes trying to figure out what else I could use. Too bad they wouldn’t take birth certificates and my passport expired in 1998. I’m totally aware of how this is all my fault. I can’t even be mad at the cranky DMV people. Boo.

So then I gave up, and renewed online. Because, you know, the computer can prove my SSN. I don’t understand the world we live in sometimes.

This also means that I will have my 18 year-old self on my license until I’m 30, when I will have to go renew in person.

Except 2017 is NEVER happening, so I really have nothing to worry about.


2 responses to “I need my own driver

  1. omg I cannot BELIVE they wanted your ss card. I went to get my new ss card in Dec & was going to get my new license that day – the woman told me i had to have my new sscard to get my license so i had to wait. Well i didn’t have time to go to the DMV till like 2 weeks ago – and i gave them my marriage license and asked if they wanted my ss card and they said NO – i was like are you kidding me?? I think they are really inconsistent. I also went to the office in georgetown but still – how irritating!

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