Oscar talk: Enough with the red carpet..

Ugh, I’m tired. I want the show to start already!

Switched over from E! to ABC. There’s only so much Seacrest I can take.

Oh, hiiii Justin Timberlake. I love you.


Haha Tim Gunn just said “We have a question from Twitter, we’re very modern this year.” That sounds like something my mother would say.

How is it that I ALWAYS forget Christian Bale is Australian. I am seriously legit surprised every single time he opens his mouth.

You know what else still surprises me? That Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock. I mean, seriously, what a fool.

Actually it still surprises me that she married him in the first place, but I’m over that now. Kind of.

So classy!


Ahhh eight minutes!!


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