Oscar talk: Perhaps I should pay attention?

I’m going to say something mean now: I know Penelope Cruz is the one who just gave birth but Javier Bardem looks like he’s the one who’s trying to lose the baby weight. Seriously, she looks amazing and he looks puffy.

Okay, mean Mansee is done.

No, she’s not. She’ll be back.

I totally relate to that guy who said he was a late bloomer. My parents always like to remind me that I didn’t learn how to read until waaaaaay later than I should have. And now  I’m trying to start a virtual book club. Booya!

I know I should comment on Anne Hathaways’s singing (she’s legit) but all I can think about is how badly I want her heels.

James. Franco. In. A. Dress. I’ll still marry him.

I would like to have a conversation with Russel Brand. Imagine the sass!

Bollywood needs to step it up. There are a billion people and about a million movies that come out every year. How are we not nominated for a foreign language film?! It can’t be all the cheesy song and dance, right?!

AGAIN! Bale’s accent is surprising me. Also, I think he said he was Australian earlier? He might be British. Well he is, IMDB told me. I don’t like being wrong, but here we are.

Star Wars theme? I’m too busy cracking jokes with my parents and looking up random facts on IMDB to pay attention! What is going on?

James Franco is getting his doctorate from Yale?! Where does he find the time–inbetween hosting the Oscars, being sexy, acting on General Hospital, being sexy, hosting SNL, hosting my dreams–I don’t get it!

My mom just asked my dad if he would thank us if he ever won an Oscar. He hesitated before saying “Sure.”



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