Oscar talk: Red carpet

Sometimes I feel like Ryan Seacrest was created by a scientest–like Frankenstein.

There was a time in my life that I thought I could be an actress. Then I auditioned for my high school musical and didn’t get a part.  I asked my drama teacher what I could do at the next audition that would help me get a part. She said she didn’t even remember me auditioning. Now I just want to wear a pretty dress.

Whenever I see Mila Kunis I always want to punch myself in the face. I just feel like if I can’t be as beautiful as her, I might as well be ugly.



I secretly wish I could pull off Michelle Williams pixie haircut. But then I realize I’d have to carry fairydust around everywhere I go (because I’d obviously look like an Indian Tinkerbell) and then somebody would think I was carrying crack cocaine. Nothing good can come from that.

I feel bad for freaking out every time I see Jennifer Hudson, but good grief the woman looks amazing. More than amazing! Fan-freaking-tastically amazing!


Y’all have no idea how awesome I feel in my sweatpants and old high school T-shirt. #sarcasm

Hey remember when Kelly Osbourne was just Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter? Yea, me either.

My favorite part about watching E! right now is reading all the little tidbits rolling around the bottom. Just found out that Justin Bieber wants to record a duet with Britney Spears. Wait, what’s that sound?! Oh, right, it’s my DREAM COMING TRUE.


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