Oscar talk: This is my 100th post!

How exciting is that?! Since this will be my last for the night, I’d like to thank everybody who has been reading. I didn’t really expect y’all but I certainly appreciate it 🙂

Okay, back to the show…

James Franco really does seem bored. Maybe he needs me there to perk him up *wink wink*

Best Actress. Here we go! I’m super nervous for Natalie Portman and her baby.

I’d like Jeff Bridges to say nice things about me.

She is too cute! Pregnant people shouldn’t be that cute!

From Natalie to Sandra. Two of my faves. I’d like to be either of them when I grow up, thanks very much.

I am so behind on these movies. They must be at the dollar theater, right? Who wants to be my date?

I’d even be willing to watch 127 Hours. I will need a barf bag for when he cuts his arm off, but I’ll watch him. Again, who wants to be my date? Don’t worry, my hair is short so you won’t have to hold it back or anything. I’m classier than that.

Confession: I’m totally in love with Colin Firth too. When he proposed to that girl in portugal in Love Actually, I almost died. #love

But I bet James Franco’s grandmother is super sad that Marky Mark didn’t win.

That “you’ve gone on too long” music really pisses me off. A lot.

Oh my god, these kids are killing me. Too much cuteness.

Ahh it’s all the winners! What is this and why do I love it so much?!

I know people are gonna give Anne and James a ton of crap for tonight. I’d just like to say that I still adore them even if tonight was more awkward than my senior prom.

Aaaaaand we’re done. Good night friends!





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