Oscar talk:I can’t think of a title right now

I adore Cate Blanchett, which is why it pains me that she wore a dress that makes my dog cringe. I think I might like it tomorrow, but I’m not sure

I just feel like somebody cut the middle out by accident, and then they had to find some random white fabric to fill it in so the dress wouldn’t be inappropriate.

If I was nominated for an Oscar and took the time to write a speech, I’m pretty sure I would take the time to MEMORIZE that speech as well. My mom would kill me if I spent the entire time on camera staring at a piece of paper.

Oh hey, it’s the president!

Short films will make me a winner? Thanks Jake Gyllenhall!

My mom is convinced that every guy here is gay. She just asked me if Sasha was a guys name when that young dude thanked his wife.

Yea musicals! The Indian in me is very happy about this little remix. Even if it is auto-tune nonsense.

But seriously, does that kid ever wear a shirt in Twilight?

Standing ovation for Billy Crystal? Didn’t see that coming. But I do love When Harry Met Sally…

Also, guys and girls can be friends! They can because I say so!

Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law win for best banter. Hands down.

Guess I should watch Inception now. Or maybe I’ll just pretend I did and then go around saying “What happened? Was it a dream or not? I’m so confused!!” That way I’m sure to fit in.

Oh hey, my dear friend Jimmy said he’ll host the show with me! Get ready folks, this will be good.


3 responses to “Oscar talk:I can’t think of a title right now

  1. so this commentary is hilarious. i especially love the part about your mom thinking everyone is gay.

    agree with the musicals bit and the shirt thing and robert downey jr and jude law were amazing!

  2. SHOUT OUT!!!

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