Oh hey, you’re back.

I haven’t been around. I know this.

One thing I’ve never been into is chronicling the details of my day. I read other blogs that do and I adore them, but my life is not made for blogging in that manner. I have stories to tell, and clever comments to write. That’s what I do. I never started this blog to make money, write a book or push an agenda on anybody (not that all blogs are like that). I honestly just really like to write, and decided this would be the best way to do that.

So because of that, I don’t post every single day. I promise I’m not bringing this up because I think you guys miss me oh so much (shoot, I barely miss myself) but rather because I know it can be weird to read a blog that doesn’t fall into any sort of genre. However, I don’t like be categorized as a person, so it’s better that my blog stays the same.

With that said, I don’t have any funny stories for you today. Unless you count me asking my dog for shoe advice last night funny. I call it sad, but what do I know?

So until I have a ridiculous tale to tell, I’ll leave y’all with this. A few things that I’ve been into recently. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to try something out. If not, at least you’ll know exactly why I don’t blog about everything in my life.

I’m all about honesty kids.

What I’ve been doing instead of writing about my life, because my life is boring (hey, never said I was good at titles)

Baking: This AMAZING bread. Seriously, so good and so easy. I don’t know why I thought baking a sugary treat while alone was a good idea. All I know is that there is a cinnamon sugar crumb trail all over my house and I have no problem with that.

Reading: Lunch in Paris (Elizabeth Bard)

It’s a really sweet story, but it’s taking me a while to read it. There are a bunch of recipes throughout the story which is really cool. That’s probably why it’s taking me so long, I keep stopping for snacks. Sigh.

Oh and speaking of books, I’ve got more information on the virtual book club coming up. We’ve got a couple of members so we can finally get started. So exciting!

Watching: Sex and the City (seasons 1 & 2)

I will never stop loving this show. NEVER.

Doing: Work, work, work. Yay for selling coffee.

Misc: Game night, job interview (fingers crossed), drinks with friends, quality time with my puppy. Organizing my closet (again), cleaning the kitchen like a crazy person, not cleaning the rest of my house, forgetting to return a Redbox movie, obsessively reading StyleWatch while promising to put on a real outfit, livin the life.

What have y’all been up to? Hopefully it’s more exciting than what you just read.


One response to “Oh hey, you’re back.

  1. I have Lunch in Paris, too! Can that be the bookclub book?!

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