Shopping Confessions

Happy Monday friends! It’s “Confession Week” over here at Anywho.

What’s that, you ask? Well, every day this week I’ll be posting things about me that people don’t know.

Except, my life is kind of like an open book, so if you know me at all you probably know some of these already.

Either way, it’ll be fun 🙂

Shopping Confessions

1. I prefer shopping alone. You’ll find out why within the next nine statements.

2. When it comes to clothes shopping, I turn slightly psychotic. I start grabbing whatever I want and then walk around the store fighting with myself (in my head, of course. I’m not THAT crazy) because there is a 95 percent chance I don’t need anything of what I picked up.

3. I’m even worse when it comes to shoes. Do I need another pair of black heels? Duh, of course I do. I should probably get them in red too, just in case.

4. I have this rule that if I find something I like, but don’t need, I have to put it back. If I’m still thinking about it days later, than I go back to get it. I end up making a lot of trips to Target due to this silly rule.

5. I’m convinced that the book Gods hate me. Whenever I need a book (like for VBC!) I can never find it, although I do manage to find another book that I’ve been “meaning to read”. And by “meaning to read”, I obviously mean “put on bookshelf for years before I remember it’s there.”

6. You’d think my love of to-do lists would carry over into making grocery shopping lists. But you’d be wrong. This is why I always forget something, and why I’m at HEB at least every other day.

7. Speaking of HEB, I do always walk out of there with at least one of two things: A magazine or new make-up. I have a major problem.

8. This is how I pick out nail polishes:

Guess which one I bought? None of them. Managed to convince myself that $3.79 was too much to spend on “Craving Coral”, and bought People StyleWatch instead.

9. I go to the store too much. This is how I ended up with $1.00 nail polish the day after I had decided to not buy any.

10. Yet, I’m still craving coral. I think I need to go back.


2 responses to “Shopping Confessions

  1. In my case. I shop and I don’t really think about needing stuff. It usually ends with me being broke and having articles of clothing I don’t love. Must work on this.

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