Kitchen Confessions

1. The kitchen is my happy place. And I know that’s such a cliche thing to say, but let’s face it, I’m kind of a walking cliche. So there. And to be honest, I’m pretty much happy all the time, so the kitchen is really just another place for me to be happy, but “happy place” sounds cuter and less “ugh she’s so damn happy all the time”.

2. Sometimes while I’m cooking I come up with a script in my head of what I would say if I had my own cooking show. And just so you know, in my head I’m totally charasmatic, clever and not the least bit annoying. I also don’t say EVOO or Ri-COAT-ta.

3. For the most part I follow recipes when it comes to baking. At least the measurment parts. I do have a tendency to throw chocolate into everything though. Blame it on my momma, I watched her do it for years and now it just seems natural.


4. With that said, if you ever ask me for a recipe based on a savory dish I will look at you sheepishly and try to avoid the question. Because I made the recipe up. In my head. Even if it’s the 74957 time I’ve made it, I still couldn’t tell you how much of what went in it. Hell, I probably couldn’t tell you all the ingredients in general.

5. If you saw our spice cabinet you’d understand why. I’m more of a “grab and shake” (haha) type of cook, not a “look at bottle, decide if it will go with food, measure out spice and gingerly stir it in.”

6. Remember when I told you I was entering that Food Network Magazine “cook with honey” contest? Well, I HAD to measure everything, write it down, make it again, tweak it, write it down again. Such drama, all of which made me realize I don’t really like honey that much. Whoops. Although, my honey-chipotle hummus was pretty legit.

7. So I guess I could never have my own cooking show, because that would require me to remember all the ingredients and measurements. This would stress me out. And stress is not a cute look for me. And I HAVE to look cute on TV. Duh.

8. I complain about small kitchens because I feel like, as someone who truly enjoys cooking and baking, I have to. But in all honesty, I think small kitchens are charming and I kind of like cooking in them. Especially while I’m single. A big kitchen + nobody to love = Saaaaad. Sure, a big counter is nice when rolling out pie dough, but will a big counter hug you when you’re sad. No! It’ll probably be in your way and cause you to drop a pan of freshly baked cookies. UGH.

9. I’m still a drama queen in the kitchen. Why people let me near gas stoves and sharp knives, I have no idea.

10. I made these scones for my aunt the other day. I watched her eat three, which is more than I’ve ever seen her eat in one sitting. This made me immensely happy.


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