Read this instead

I had another confession post for y’all that was suppose to go up yesterday while I was driving around looking for apartments, BUT looks like wordpress didn’t approve of it and now I can’t even find the post. Oh well, if I remember all my clever comments I’ll write it again. I do remember there was a lot of Beiber talk in there…

In the mean time, it’s time for Read this instead!

Jenna (Eat Live Run) made homemade s’more pop-tarts. I’ll allow that to sink in with you for a second.

Jessica (How Sweet It Is) became my new favorite person when she posted a recipe for single (or double) serving cupcakes. PERFECT for a girl like me who can’t be trusted around a whole plate of cupcakes.

Christine (Christine’s Apron Adventures) made the most beautiful cake for St. Patricks Day. Check out the next post to see the inside…AMAZING.

Peter Shankman (P.S.) wrote a really great post regarding social media and how much information one can find out about you. This guy is one of my PR heroes and I obsessively read every word he writes.

Sonia (Master of Her Romaine) is starting a virtual blogger bake sale to help efforts in Japan. Won’t you join us?

Jennifer (Spend Less, Shop More) is letting people know about how Forever 21 is helping out in Japan. Shop away my friends!

And now for a couple of non-blog articles:

A Changed Starbucks. A Changed CEO-As much as I complain about the company (working there will do that to a person), I actually truly like Starbucks and I want them to continue doing well. Luckily, Howard Schultz is figuring out how to make this happen.

Championships, not records, matter most to Gibson-Ugh, so sweet. I’ll always be an Ohio State fan, but when they play UTSA I’ll be bleeding orange and blue.



Have a great weekend!




2 responses to “Read this instead

  1. OMG!! You included my blog in your blog!! I love it! Thaaaaanks!!

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