I’d like to thank the academy…

Nah, I’m just kidding. I’m not getting ready for the Oscars anytime soon (I mean we all remember my high school theater days, right?).

Sonia over at Master of her Romaine (cutest blog name ever?) awarded me a Most Versatile Blogger award. Isn’t she just the sweetest?! Go check out her site because it’s adorable and she’s such a trooper in the kitchen. ALSO, if we knew each other in real life I’m convinced we would be friends. Which would make my mom happy, since it kills her that I don’t hang out with more Indian people.

So per the rules, I have to link back to the blogger that awarded me (done), write seven random facts about myself (fun), award 15 more bloggers (I’ll try) and tell whoever awarded me that I accept (Dear Sonia, I accept.)

I don’t think I even read 15 blogs, so I’m doing five. I’m such a rebel. Basically these are my friends, which makes me bias. Sorry I’m not sorry. I don’t expect any of them to “accept” the award, so my feelings won’t be hurt. I promise.
Jimmy (Man Up, Son!)

7 Random Facts (as if y’all need to know more ridiculous things about me)

1. I had to call my parents in a panic last weekend because I couldn’t remember if I needed to take my car antenna down before going through the car wash. 24-year old FAIL.

2. When I was younger I was convinced that JC Chasez (from NSYNC) and I were meant to be together because we both had the same favorite ice cream flavor–mint chocolate chip.

3. I am awful with directions. Horribly awful. I swear I could get lost going to the bathroom.

4. I drink vodka tonics at bars because it’s less likely to show up when I spill it on myself (which I will because I’m a classy broad like that). With that said, I will take dollar beer night over a vodka tonic any day.

5. I hate eggplant, mushrooms, okra and pickles. What’s random about this you ask? Well my dog happens to hate the exact same things. No joke, Max will spit all of those foods out. He’s 11 and I still crack up every time it happens.

6. I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up with a guy shorter than me, simply because I desperately  want a guy who is taller than me in heels (as in when I’m wearing heels, not him in heels. Don’t know what I felt the need to clarify that). I tend to not get what I want..and I’m trying to learn to deal with it.

7. If I’m out in public and I see a mirror, I will go out of my way to not look at myself. My hair does crazy things throughout the day, and I really just prefer to not know about it. Ignorance is total bliss in my case.

Whew. I tried to make that as random as I possibly could.
Thanks again Sonia!

5 responses to “I’d like to thank the academy…

  1. Aww thanks for the kind words about my blog 🙂
    I’m totally horrible with directions too. I will never ever learn north south east west… if someone tells me to meet them on the “north side of the library” it will not happen. Half of the time I am dropped off by friends from a night at the bar, I go into the wrong apartment building, too…

  2. ok so I totally feel you on number 1…last time i was at the car wash they handed me this thing and i thought it was buzzer thing for when i was done…i asked if i took it with me and the guy was like “no….” so when i got back in my car and they asked me for this “buzzer” i handed it to them and they put it on my car…i was like OMG that’s my antenna…wow

    and thanks for the award!! I can’t put 5/15 blogs on my blog because I feel like I creepily stalk the blogs I look at 🙂

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