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The Dos and Don’ts of finding the perfect outfit

Do step away from the jeggings.

Don’t open the legging drawer. Really, just stay away from anything that ends in “egging”.

Do have a clean closet to choose from. It makes things a tiny bit easier.

Don’t keep trying to make an outfit around a pair of (really cute) shoes. It will just convince you that you need a new skirt and eventually the employees at Target will know you by name.

Do steal stuff from your mom’s closet. I mean, what’s the point of having a daughter if she can’t wear your clothes eventually, right?

Don’t make fun your mom for some of her stuff. She might not let you have anything.

Do listen to music and dance around. It’s a must. This song is (obviously) one of my faves:

Don’t actually whip your hair around. Hi, neck pain (and crazy hair).

Do invest in a full length mirror.

Don’t try and stand on your bed in heels to see how they look. Not that I have or anything…

Blurry because I was shaking. Shaking because I was wearing 4 inch heels. Wearing 4 inch heels on my bed because I'm dumb.

Oh wait, yes I have.

Do try this method…it kind of works.

My bed is so messy! My mom is going to slap me for letting y'all see this..

Don’t proceed to try on every shoe you own. The gold glittery ones won’t work with this outfit. Or will they?

Do be honest with yourself. The gold shoes are not appropriate tonight.

Don’t be alarmed,  I am completely aware of my obsession with shoes.

Do ask your mom how you look.

Don’t be upset if she thinks you should wear the boring black shoes instead of the fun red ones. I mean, you did ask her advice for a reason, right?

Purple nail polish optional

Do wear the red ones anyway. Sorry mom!

Don’t forget to wear a super comfortable (slightly too short) bathrobe while deciding what to wear!

I had to! Those are polar bears on my bathrobe. My mother bought it for me and there is a possibility she found it in the children's department.

Do know you might be tempted to wear it all day, every day and never leave the house.

Don’t do that!

Do leave a comment and let me know how you pick out an outfit for a special occasion (or everyday)!


The Dos and Don'ts of Finals

Do ask your professor any questions you have before study days begin.

Don’t rely on help from other students via Blackboard

Do print out all your study guides, notes, etc.

Don’t think about all the trees that had to die for all your papers.

Do invest in paperclips!

Don’t highlight anything you won’t need to study for. It’s confusing.

Do drink coffee.

Don’t forget to make some for your parents, otherwise they will be upset.

Do go to Barnes and Noble if you can’t study at home anymore.

Don’t spend all your time there Tweeting about how your old tennis coach is sitting next to you.

Do get candy to munch on while studying. (Sugar is good for your brain, right?)

Don’t pull handfuls of gummy bears out of your purse randomly. People will stare.

Do realize you probably should have stayed home.

Don’t stay there for an extra hour because you don’t want the people around you to think you’re a failure.

Do quiz yourself while driving, cooking, showering, etc.

Don’t quiz yourself when your mom is watching Oprah. Whoops.

Do step away from the computer.

Don’t go sit in front of another computer.

Do schedule 10-minute breaks to check your email/Facebook/Twitter/Blogs

Don’t extend that 10 minutes to one hour.

Do study hard enough that you finish the test in 15 minutes,

Don’t sit around and wait for someone else to turn in the test so that you’re not the first one too. Totally unneccessary.

Do spend the night at your best friend’s place the night before your last final ever.

Don’t finish the “too strong” drink even if you feel bad. I mean, you do have a final the next day.

Do kick ass on your last final.

Don’t stare at the idiot who ruined your group presentation like you want to kick his ass. He will not appreciate that.

Do be concerned when that presentation grade turns out to be bad.

Don’t worry too much, all the A’s from the beginning of the semester will pay off.

Do be proud that you got through college.

Don’t tell everybody in your class that this is you “LAST FINAL EVER.” They won’t really care that much.


The "Dos and Don'ts" of a fabulous bachelorette party weekend




I’m taking a page (literally) out of one of my favorite magazines, Glamour, for this one!

One of my closest friends in the whole entire world, Katie, is getting married this month. So we, of course, had to throw her an amazing bachelorette party! But Katie is too special for just a little ol’ party, so we made it a weekend. With a spa. And food. And drinks. And Hummer limos.

Oh, and cupcakes.

The Dos and Don’ts of a fabulous bachelorette party weekend.

Do bring your own food and alcohol to the hotel. It’s not only cheaper, but I’m pretty sure that hotels won’t supply you with the giant bag of Chuy’s chips we had.

Don’t be offended when the guy at Subway asks if you want a different sandwich because it has more meat than the one you ordered. Um, what?

Do pay a little extra for a balcony room.

Don’t worry about actually using it. It’s just nice to know it’s there.

Do write down things that are said during the lingerie shower. “Is that a slingshot?”

Don’t be embarrassed if the only thing you lust over is the pair of super comfy looking pajamas the bride’s mom got her. Hey, I’ve got nobody to impress!

Do get up the next morning, shower and get right back into bed. Spend your time waiting for your friends to come back from the Spa by watching various kid’s shows.

Don’t do the above if you’d rather be pampered. For sure do the Spa thing if you’ve got the funds.

Do eat a lunch that consists of chips & salsa, Cheetos, kolaches and cookies.

Don’t think about the fact that the wedding is in three weeks and you need to fit in a bridesmaid dress.

Do pour your alcohol into water bottles to take to the pool. If your bag is big enough, throw in a bottle of cranberry juice, pineapple juice and sprite.

Don’t forget to label the bottles. Vodka instead of water isn’t always a fun surprise.

Do spend hours just laying around outside, drinking and talking. SO nice.

Don’t make eye contact with the old creeper blatantly staring at your group. He WILL come over and talk to you/ask for a pen.

Do tell yourself that the other guy staring is with his sister.

Don’t believe the lie you just told yourself. I’m like 95 percent sure that was his girlfriend.

Do decide that you should go back to the room to get ready for the night. However, it’s okay if everybody ends up back in bed watching the Disney channel. Hair and makeup don’t take that long, right?

Don’t forget that doing your hair takes an entire episode of Hannah Montana.

Do ride in a limo. Just do it.

Don’t flash the limo driver as you’re trying to get out of the vehicle. Whoops.

Do make your bride walk around the River Walk in a bachelorette sash, tiara and studded veil.

Don’t stop anybody from trying to sing to your bride. Even if it’s an old guy who might not actually work at the restaurant you’re at.

Do know it’s time to head to the bars when Rachel has finished her pitcher of margaritas.

Don’t be too sad if you can’t find a table. Just means you can stay closer to the bar!

Do know that if one girl is wearing a tiara and another is wearing a veil, somebody will think they are lesbians.

Don’t hesitate to leave the bars early so your group can ride around in a limo. Hey if you’ve got it until 12:30, you might as well use it right?

Do enjoy the stares as you climb into said limo.

Don’t worry if you forgot the bring the champagne. Charles, the driver, will take you to get some.

Do ask him to go to Jack in the Box for you too. Just do it.

Don’t eat in limo.

Do, however, attack food once back in the hotel.

Don’t be afraid to eat spicy foods while buzzed. Flamin hot cheetos after 2 margaritas, multiple shots and 3 glasses of champagne? Not so flamin.

Do cram 6 people into 2 beds so you can all watch a movie.

Don’t eat a cupcake right before bed. Ugh.

Do take cupcakes home and give to your mom. She will love you (even more) FOREVER.

And most importantly, DON’T forget that weekends like this are rare. Enjoy your time with friends and DO what makes everybody happy!

We love you Katie!