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Read this instead

I read a lot of blogs. Like, A LOT. Like, step-away-from-the-computer-and- go-outside, a lot.

I read food blogs, fashion blogs, relationship blogs, educational blogs, friend’s blogs, famous people’s blogs, etc.

How do I find the time? Well, I’m just cool like that.

Lies. Replace “cool” with “unemployed”.

Still love my to-do lists!


Anywho, I’m starting a new thing here called Read this instead. A collection of links that I found interesting during the week. Some will be recipes, some will be motivational, some will be funny and some will (hopefully) inspire you to do something. The idea is that you’ll come here first, but I want you to read something other than my random ramblings.

Just that day though! I fully expect you to return, okay?

I’ll post every Friday because, well because today is Friday and I want to do it right now.

Whatever, I don’t have to explain myself to you.

Let’s go!

Tyler from 344pounds wrote about motivation when it comes to losing weight. And frankly, I need all the motivation I can get these days.

Kailey over at SnackFace, wrote a guest post on A Foodie Stays Fit which I adored.

Sonia from Master of Her Romaine made Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookies. I die.

Jessica from Shrinking Foodie wrote a really wonderful post about Lent, and the process of figuring out what to give up. I adored the honesty in this post because I feel like some people go through lent for superficial reasons, forgetting there is a reason behind it. She uses lent as a vehicle for self-discovery and I think that’s awesome.

Jessica from What I Wore posted this adorable outfit. I need those boots, like yesterday.

Katie from Learning to be a Rebel took pictures of the most interesting tree stockings! Sadly, I live in the same city as her and had no idea they existed. I have got to start leaving my house more often.

Kasey from Style Me Kasey makes me want to wear stripes. And I don’t do stripes. Well done, Kasey.

And lastly, Jessica from How Sweet Eats made these amazing cupcakes that I’ve seriously been dreaming about. I can’t make them because I’m allergic and I would die (although part of me feels like they might be worth it. Kidding!) so I’m going to need one of you to make them and tell me how they are. Send pictures if you can too.

That’s it! Hope you guys enjoy the sun this weekend like this guy:

My dog is a class act.

Did you come across anything cool this week? Sharing is caring!


The Dos and Don’ts of finding the perfect outfit

Do step away from the jeggings.

Don’t open the legging drawer. Really, just stay away from anything that ends in “egging”.

Do have a clean closet to choose from. It makes things a tiny bit easier.

Don’t keep trying to make an outfit around a pair of (really cute) shoes. It will just convince you that you need a new skirt and eventually the employees at Target will know you by name.

Do steal stuff from your mom’s closet. I mean, what’s the point of having a daughter if she can’t wear your clothes eventually, right?

Don’t make fun your mom for some of her stuff. She might not let you have anything.

Do listen to music and dance around. It’s a must. This song is (obviously) one of my faves:

Don’t actually whip your hair around. Hi, neck pain (and crazy hair).

Do invest in a full length mirror.

Don’t try and stand on your bed in heels to see how they look. Not that I have or anything…

Blurry because I was shaking. Shaking because I was wearing 4 inch heels. Wearing 4 inch heels on my bed because I'm dumb.

Oh wait, yes I have.

Do try this method…it kind of works.

My bed is so messy! My mom is going to slap me for letting y'all see this..

Don’t proceed to try on every shoe you own. The gold glittery ones won’t work with this outfit. Or will they?

Do be honest with yourself. The gold shoes are not appropriate tonight.

Don’t be alarmed,  I am completely aware of my obsession with shoes.

Do ask your mom how you look.

Don’t be upset if she thinks you should wear the boring black shoes instead of the fun red ones. I mean, you did ask her advice for a reason, right?

Purple nail polish optional

Do wear the red ones anyway. Sorry mom!

Don’t forget to wear a super comfortable (slightly too short) bathrobe while deciding what to wear!

I had to! Those are polar bears on my bathrobe. My mother bought it for me and there is a possibility she found it in the children's department.

Do know you might be tempted to wear it all day, every day and never leave the house.

Don’t do that!

Do leave a comment and let me know how you pick out an outfit for a special occasion (or everyday)!

Hi, my name is Mansee…

…and I have too much stuff.

I had the day off today, so I made the decision to reorganize my room.

Why? Because I hate myself, apparently. I spent all day cursing myself and trying to figure out why I’ve kept magazines from 2001. Do I really know how to flirt like an 8th grader?

Please don’t answer that.

Instead, answer me this: Why do I need this many hair products:

Minus the Eucerin (heyyy dry skin!)

When we all know I rarely ever style my hair

Ha, how photoshopped do I look?!

Okay, so you can’t really tell but my hair is kinda crazy. I always hope that my charming personality and winning smile make up for it. Ha.

But hey, at least this smile has a million lip glosses to go with it. And eyeshadows. And liners. And bronzers. And…

I bet you’re wondering why I need six mascaras

Well, I don’t. I just can’t stop buying them. And, yes I use them all. I basically use a different mascara everyday. I know a couple of you bought the Colossal Volume one after I raved about it (hear that Maybelline? You can thank me later) and I think it’s still my fave. Although that little red one (otherwise known as OnebyOne Volume Express–also Maybelline) is really nice too, especially if you’re going for a more natural look. I just bought that fun hot pink one today (when I went to the store to buy trash bags for all the stuff I’m not hoarding) so I haven’t tried it, but I’ll keep y’all posted.

P.S. I have a problem. Please send help.

Sigh. Moving on to my closet. When I’m done putting eight tons of mascara on my lashes I like to pick out what shoes I want to wear for the day:

Wait for it…

I have more downstairs, but then I’d have to explain to my parents why I’m taking pictures of my shoes. They already think I’m strange enough, no need to feed into it.

But hey, at least I have other accessories to match!

That would be a pile of scarves in the middle.

You want to know the sad part? All of these pictures were taken AFTER I cleaned. As in, I had more stuff before. As in, I have three trash bags sitting in my room.

Actually, I lied. The sad part is that most of that is clothes. It took me about 15 minutes to decide that I had no need for half my closet, but I couldn’t seem to part with one scarf?

Really, Mansee? Really?

Again, I have issues.

I have no problem wearing the same yoga pants everyday yet I can’t use the same mascara two days in a row? What?

When I go to the store, I am more likely to come home with a new nail polish than milk. True story.

I was going to take a picture of my legging drawer, but then I realized it’s ridiculous enough that I’m admitting to having a drawer specifically for all my leggings.

The drawer above my legging drawer? Well that’s where all that makeup is stashed, of course. I know you didn’t think I kept enough clothes to use my entire dresser. Silly.

On the bright side, I can  now see the floor of my closet.

Blurry, but clean.

By the way, I moved those two heavy shelf thingys up there by myself. One yoga session and I seem to think I’m Wonder Woman.

I wonder what kind of mascara she wore…