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Music. Of the crappy variety.

Every time my brother comes to visit he asks me if I still listen to crappy music.

Part of me is offended.

The other part has been singing “Who says” by Selena Gomez nonstop for a week.

I don’t know why he gives me such grief over what I choose to listen to. I mean it can’t be because I forced my whole family to listen to NSYNC’s Christmas Album everyday for a month every.single.day, right?

By the way, that CD is totally missing and I’m completely sure a family member stole it. I need to hire a detective. Or make one of them buy me tickets to the NSYNC reunion concert that I dream about every night.

Seriously? That concert needs to happen, like yesterday.

I miss you...

Anywho, I know I have extremely mainstream tastes. And by that, I obviously mean I have the musical taste of a 13-year old girl who thinks she’s going to marry Justin Bieber.

Minus the marrying Justin Bieber part. I don’t want to marry him. That’s gross.

Sometimes I think my brother has a point, especially when my iPod goes from Celine Dion to Hairspray to Adele to Lil Wayne to Taylor Swift to Adam Lambert to the Jonas Brothers. But then I realize that having the Hannah Montana among Adele, Aerosmith and Mumford and Sons isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Yes, I said Hannah Montana. Not Miley Cyrus. The artist is literally Hannah Montana.

I realize I’ve probably lost 90 percent of my readership after that statement, and I’m okay with this. For the rest of you, just hang tight. I’m going to make this better.

Reasons why Hannah Montana belongs on my iPod:

  1. I’ll always have something in common with my niece. When she’s 12 and in love with the new heartthrob kid, I’ll be the one to take her to the concert because, obviously, I’ll want to go too. I’ll also be 33.
  2. I could chaperone a middle school dance and not want to blow my brains out. At least not because of the music. The kids might drive me to violence though.
  3. I can always find a radio station I’ll like. Mainly because Taylor Swift and/or Lil Wayne is played on all of them. I’m seriously waiting for those two to do a duet. The music world will officially explode, and I just can’t wait.
  4. I can always participate in a Disney sing-a-long. Believe me, this is a very good thing.
  5. When Justin Bieber rules the world (which he will) I know I’ll be safe. He would never hurt his fans. He told me so on Twitter.

I know there are more 24-year olds out there like me, but I understand if they are too embarrassed to speak up. Sometimes I’m embarrassed of myself.

That’s a lie. I’m not embarrassed. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Oh, and to answer my brother’s question: Yes, I still listen to crappy music. Love you too 🙂


Can’t find a job, Can’t find a date

Has anyone noticed that the process of finding a job is eerily similar to that of finding a date?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Let’s do a little comparison action, shall we?

Career: You (read: I) know what you (I)  want. An entry-level position with a public relations/advertising agency. I’ve interned with agencies before so I know I’m a good fit and I thouroughly enjoyed all the work I did with them.

Date: You (okay fine, I) am 100 percent sure I want a tall man. My collection of heels just won’t have it any other way. Okay, I’m kidding (sort of). But, like most people, I have that “list” of traits that I know I want in a date/boyfriend. Please don’t act like you’ve never made a list of traits you want in others. Seriously, get off your high horse. You’ve done it. We all have. It’s human.

Career: When I find a job opening that sounds perfect for me, I obsessively work on my resume to make sure it will stand out from the sea of resumes they receive daily. I may not be a Harvard grad, but I was editor-in-chief of my university newspaper for three semesters, held a full-time job for a lot of my time in college and interned with two PR agencies. Impressive, no?

Date: When I meet a guy who seems like a good fit for me, I (sadly) obsessively analyze everything I do/say to make sure I stand out from the sea of girls that I am SO sure are my competition. I may not be a Victoria’s Secret  model, but I’m nice, funny and can bake a mean batch of cookies. Impressive, no?

Career: I check my e-mail a million times a day. Nothing.

Date: Voicemail, text messages, Tweets, Facebook comments. All nothing.

Career: I try not to think about it. Someday some company will look at me and think “Hey, she’s perfect for us! Hired!” Until then, I can enjoy my post-grad life and do things I probably couldn’t do if I had a full-time job.

Date: I’m pretty sure someday some guy will look at me and thing “Eh, she’s cool. Date!” Until then, I can enjoy all the things I like to do by myself. Like eat an entire bag of gummy bears while forcing my dog to hang out with me.

Career: How soon can I follow-up after sending in my resume?

Date: How many texts is too many?

Career: When I least expect it (read: forgot that I even applied to the job) I hear back. Then I get overly excited and think I’m going to have a panic attack.

Date: When I least expect it (read: when I’ve decided that being the single old lady with 18 dogs won’t be so bad) I hear from man of the moment. Then I get overly excited and think I’m going to have a panic attack.

Career: First interview. Must look professional.

Date: First date. Must look cute.

Career: How much should I talk about myself? Do they need to know about my love for Justin Bieber? (Answer: No)

Date: How much should I talk about myself? Do they need to know about my love for Justin Bieber? (Answer: Not yet)

See what I mean? Exactly the same!

Anybody else facing the same problems as me? Any tips? Need a shoulder to cry on?

P.S. Some details exaggerated for humors sake. For example,  I don’t really suffer from panic attacks when men text me. I do, however, eat a lot of gummy bears.

P. P.S. Really, nobody wants to join my virtual book club? Laaaame.

Gym Confessions

1. Sometimes the only reason I go to the gym is so I can wear all the workout clothes I insist on buying. Mainly because they’re comfortable and provide another excuse for me to not wear real pants.

2. I hate looking at myself when I’m working out and will go out of my way to find a machine that is not near a mirror. The only thing worse than feeling like you’re going to throw up on a treadmill is looking over and realizing you look like you’re going to throw up on a treadmill.

3. I listen to Pandora while at the gym because my iPod hates me. However, in the past month I’ve become kind of picky about what machines get what stations. Ready for this?

  • Treadmill-Justin Bieber station
  • Elliptical-Lil Wayne station
  • Bike-Taylor Swift station

I haven’t quite figured out why this works, but I’m sticking to it for now. However, if I’m using the weight machines, I can listen to whatever. I’m too focused on not looking like a fool in front of the cute trainers to care what I’m listening to.

4. I steal glances at the people around me to see what speed and/or level they’re on. Then I try to match it. I’d be completely screwed if a professional athlete wandered onto the treadmill next to me.

5. I prefer to workout in the evening, around 6. This is because the most people are there at that time and I’m more motivated to work harder.

6. Also, the cute trainers are all there around that time. I’m horrible.

7. If I have to close at work, I go in the morning. A lot of elderly people workout at that time and I’m seriously convinced they’re all trying to show me up.

8. If I’m going to watch TV while at the gym, it has to be ESPN or some sort of game. Once (a million years ago) I stayed at the gym for over three hours because I was watching a tennis match and refused to leave until it was finished.

9. Oh wait, I lied. Sometimes I watch the food network if the person in front of me has it on their little mini treadmill-TV.

10. I smile at everybody who walks past me, and rarely get a smile back. Sorry, I didn’t know I was required to be rude at the gym. Do bitch classes come included in my monthly payment?

Bonus fun fact: I can’t text and ellipticize (not a word, I know) at the same time because once I fell off the machine doing so. No joke.


It's true...


Balancing Act

No, I’m not talking about me walking around in four inch heels. Although that is one balancing act I’m proud of…

One of my favorite bloggers SnackFace sent out a little “challenge” to all her faithful readers to write a post about what balance means in their life. Hers are all classy and wonderful, mine are not. Hopefully somebody will read this and agree with at least one of mine, thus proving that I am not the only weirdo in this world.

Balance in my life means…

  • Spending $85 on a haircut and $7 on a pair of shoes.
  • Wearing ridiculous amounts of eye make-up and “finishing the look” with lipsmackers.
  • Eating oatmeal for breakfast and gummy bears for dinner.
  • Doing a hardcore weights session at the gym and then taking a leisurely walk on the treadmill.
  • Having a mild obsession with both George Clooney and Justin Bieber.

Does this mean I'm one of fajillion?

  • Studying for college finals while listening to Miley Cyrus.
  • Spending one day doing nothing but watching mindless TV and working two jobs the next day.
  • Going out on the town on Dec. 30 for my best friend’s birthday and staying in and watching a movie on Dec. 31 for New Years.
  • Eating eggs and bacon hours before starting a month-long vegan “diet”.
  • Applying for jobs in New York City and San Francisco one day, and Austin and Houston the next.
  • Watching the Food Network on TV while reading the news online.
  • Drinking nothing but coffee in the morning and nothing buy Sugar-Cookie tea at night.

The other liquid crack

  • Wearing leggings at work and jeggings at home.
  • Going to Target and buying nothing but workout clothes and baking supplies.
  • Having a bookshelf filled with Chuck Palahniuk, Jen Lancaster and Nicholas Sparks.

She kills me!

And last but not least..

  • Being completely in love with my life while having a ridiculous need for change.

What does your balance look like? Please tell me somebody else eats candy for dinner!

What I've learned from Twitter

Ha. (Source)

In honor of Twitter unveiling “New Twitter” and the fact that I JUST figured out how to use regular Twitter, here we go!

I’ve learned…

1. For someone like me, who puts a lot of thought into everything they say, how it could be taken and, most importantly, how funny it is 140 characters is NOT ENOUGH. I can literally use that all up in commas, periods and question marks. Also, why is a space considered a character? It’s like air and air is not a character! Have you ever seen movie credits that say “and guest starring….Air”? No. Get on that Twitter.

2. You can make anything into an actual topic of conversation by putting one of these in front of the word(s): #. How crazy is that?! #college #procrastination #imblogginginsteadofstudyingbecauseimsoovercollegeandwanttograduateandgetanawesomejob. SEE, so cool!

3. Not only can Kanye West be considered the voice of our generation, he is now the voice of Twitter.

4. Retweets are kind of like sloppy seconds. Except less slutty.

5.I found out about John Mayer quitting Twitter….on Twitter.

6. 5,249,325. That is the number of followers Justin Bieber has. I am one of them. By the time you read this that number will probably be higher as will my degree of Bieber Fever.

7. Twitter is one of the few things that makes me feel like a 23-year-old. If you knew what time I go to bed, you’d think I was 65. If you knew how much Disney Channel I watch, you’d think I was 12. If you knew what went on in my head, you’d think I was crazy (oh wait, I am.) However, I can tweet from my phone and that’s what people my age do. It might be the only thing we do, but we do it well.

8. Twitter (or Twitterers, or Twits, whatev) need(s) spell check. It needs spell check more than I need to get over my dream of marrying an American tennis player and traveling all over the world with him while he wins championship after championship (all because of my love and support, of course). Yea, it needs it bad.

9. Twitter should win the award for “Website that made Mansee feel like a tool because she hated it for so long and thought that people who used it were dumb and it would never catch on and now she’s on it and is slightly obsessed with knowing what the Jonas Brothers are doing at all time.” I’ll even make a plaque.

10. Even though I only have 17 followers (pathetic, I know) I honestly think those 17 people truly truly care about my tweets. Even @FunNews. I don’t know who they are or what they do but I do know that they care deeply about me.

11. Insert shameless plug here: Follow me @ManseeKMuzumdar 🙂

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