YouTube is funnier than me. It’s true!

Hi friends! I’m super busy and have not had a clever or witty remark run through my head for the past few days. I’m thinking about getting myself checked out…it’s just not normal.

Anyway, let’s have a video day! Since I don’t have a TV (which is super sad since Glee came back) I’ve been stuck to my phone every night watching Youtube videos. The four below are the ones I literally watch once a day.

Okay maybe eight times a day. Whatever.

I’m so cool.

First up. I know I talk a lot about how I’d like to marry a tennis player. I really do love them. But then I found this girl. Yes, girl. She might be my soulmate. We could stay up at night braiding hair and singing Lil’ Wayne. Perfect match!

Next. The funniest video you’ll ever see. I’ve put it on my Facebook like a million times since I’ve seen the movie. I’m completely obsessed, and if you don’t laugh even a little bit at this than we probably shouldn’t be friends. Sorry bro.

Cutest thing ever? Cutest thing ever.

Just because I want to be her when I grow up. I can’t stop singing this song, so I might as well be her, right? I’ll start wearing all black and fake lashes pronto.

And, of course, in honor of the playoffs you get a bonus Spurs video:

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

P.S. If you’re in San Antonio, let’s hang out! Please? I want to see you. Yes, YOU!


2 responses to “YouTube is funnier than me. It’s true!

  1. haha i miss the heb spurs commercial. my favorite one is the mango tree one!

    p.s. glee was awesome, get to a computer with internet stat.

  2. The look at me now video is my obsession right now!!! Um can I just be friends with Karmin already? She is fabulous!!!

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